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Information about maps and chests
Written by NoOnexRO 3 years ago

Hopefully this article will be useful to new players of Gold Smugglers. In this article I will discuss a few things about maps, chests and treasures. If you know more please send me a message or comment in the section below.
Possibly the most fun and interesting action in this game is the hunt for treasures.

The first step is the install of the 3D map provided by the game.
HOME - DOWNLOAD PLAYER will take you to the
download page.
Depending on your operating system you can choose to download the Windows or the OSX installer.
Not sure why the size of the file is mentioned to be 560MB because in fact you will download a 1.1GB file.

Follow the install instructions and a small window with settings will apear when you will launch the game.

It is preferably that you don't use the highest configuration possible and open the map in a window.

The usage is very intuitive.
Simply press the directional keys from your heyboard (LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN) to move on the map.
Use your MOUSE to look up, down or change your walk direction.
Pressing SPACE key will make you jump over small obstacles like steps.

In the top you will see the amount of energy you have and the gold.
Any few seconds spend inside the map will decrease your energy so if you want to find treasures be sure you move fast and you don't loose time.
In the top right you have a "radar" on which the chests will appear as red dots. Simply point the arrow (which represents you) towards those red dots and discover the chests.

You need to stand close to a chest and point the small white dot (your view) on the chest. At that point a message will appear on the top left:
"Open the chest by pressing O"
Be sure you are close to the chest and there are no other objects (like steps) between you and the chest.

When you open a chest you have 50% chances to find a treasure in gold.

The amount that you can gain is variable.
The more chests you open the more chances you have to win more gold.

Just make sure you have enough energy for that.

There are 3 available maps.

1: The temple map with 5 chests
2: The haunted town map with almost 30 chests
3: The island map with over 60 chests

To move from one map to another simply find the "portals" (I call them like that - the game itself doesn't mention them so they can be anythig from "vortex" to "gateway"). They are sparkly and glitery like something magical.

No new chests are created but after 24 hours from opening a chest that chest will close... so basically you will be able to open it again (and again after another 24 hours).

* Thank you very much to Technical Support - their help allowed me to write this article *

Hope you found something usefull in my article.

Enjoy your treasure hunt and good luck!


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