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How to buy cheap lockpicks with PlayCoin Network
Written by cryptoluck 3 years ago

Seams that the developers launched a new “toy” called PlayCoin Network which is a decentralized p2p network where users like you and me can trade PlayCoins and other assets. Not only that they developed it but they have also integrated the game with the network. You can send all kind of assets from goldsmugglers to the network and back.
Because i’m a cryptoenthusiast, in this tutorial i will teach you how to buy cheap lockpicks from network.

Step 1 - Access the network
To access the network you have to use This site is like coinbase for bitcoin. It’s an easy way to access the network features. Open an account. It’s a simple process. After your account is opened, you will receive 1 PlayCoin (PLC) as a “gift”. PlayCoin is the cryptocurrency underlying the network. For even the smallest task you will have to pay a small qty of PLC as a fee.

Step 2 - Get an address
A PlayCoin network address is just like a bitcoin address. A long string that can’t be understand by humans. If you want to receive PLC or assets, you will have to provide this address to sender. When you open an account, playwallet will also open an address for you. Go to Addresses. There is listed your address. Click on full address link and copy that long string. That’s your address.

Step 3 - Move some gold to your address
Armed with your address, go to goldsmugglers inventory. A new red button is available (Transfer). Click on it. A new dialog will pop up. Choose gold, paste your address, put a qty and click transfer. You should receive a message with a confirmation and a txid (just like bitcoin). Now go back to your playwallet account. You should have an unconfirmed transaction of an asset called “GSGOLD”. The transaction should be confirmed by a miner in 2-3 minutes.

A little intro : an asset is a kind of token that can be moved between addresses like you move bitcoins. Anybody can issue his own asset. Develoeprs issued a couple of assets that represent energy, bullets and so on. One GSGOLD represent one goldsmugglers gold.

Step 4 - Buy the lockpicks
The network allows anyone to open a market between two assets. ANNO1777 Labs developers started 2 markets. One is between energy and gold. The other is between lockpicks and gold. Go to Assets / Markets and click Trade on the Lockpicks / Gold market. Here are listed the sellers and the buyers. The price is now 0.005 gold (GSGOLD) / lockpick.

Not bad. The average income from a chest is 0.02 gold (if you are lucky). Now clicm on Buy Order. Specify a price (0.005), specify a qty and put 1 to days field. Click send. Go to transactions page. You will have 3 transactions unconfirmed. One is the fee (0.0001 PLC), the second is the GSGOLD transaction and the other is GSLOCK transaction. GSLOCK is another asset that represent a precious lockpick. Wait for transactions to confirm.

Step 5 - Move your lockpicks to game
Now you should have some lockpicks in your adress. Go to Assets / My Assets and click transfer on the lickpicks line. You will have to specify where you want to send the lockpicks. We want to send them back to game. So you write goldsmugglers to “To Address” field, put an integer number (1, 2, 3…) in Amount field and most important write your username in comments field. Click send. Two new transactions are listed on your transactions page. One is the fee the other is your lockpicks transaction.

And that’s it. You should have more lockpicks in your account. If you don’t get in touch with support. I had no problems transfering assets. You can also sell your lockpicks, or energy and even gamble using your lockpicks. I will teach you how in a next article.

From what i know, the goldsmugglers gold will become PlayCoin starting January. PlayCoin network is in my opinion the most advanced crypto network based on features list. I don’t know who are the developers and i don’t care. You should learn how to use it because the price of one PlayCoin (goldsmugglers gold) could skyrocket once it hits external exchanges like bittrex.

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