What's next

As we have promised , we have introduced the weapons system, the Non Player Characters (zombies) and the first pro map that brings amazing graphics quality and a serious performance improvement to GoldSmugllers. Until the end of November, the full weapons / ammunition companies and markets will also be active. The multiplayer module was delayed for late December.
What is a multiplayer map ?
multiplayer map is a place in which more than one person can play in the same game environment at the same time. Video games are often single-player activities, putting the player against preprogrammed challenges or AI-controlled opponents (which lack the flexibility of human thought). On a multiplayer map you will fight directly agains other players in real time.
How can i make gold by fighting on a multiplayer map ?
Each time one of your bullets hits a player he / she will loose 10% of energy. For each point of energy your opponent loose, you will win a small qty of gold. For example if the reward for a point of energy is 0.0001 gold, and you shoot a player having 50 points of energy 2 times, you will win 0.002 gold just for those 2 bullets. If you kill a player (your bullets drop it's energy to zero), that player will pay you taxes for 24 hours. Also, on a multiplayer map, every 5 minutes a new resuply box is parachuted on a random place. Ressuply boxes can contain gold, weapons, or other energy products. All you have to do is to be the first who opens it and receive the content.
What are the advantages of a multiplayer map ?
The first advantage is that energy consumtion on a multiplayer map is much lower than on a regular map. You will spend only 1% of what you spend on a regular map. Even 5 points of energy can keep you a lot on a multiplayer map.
My country was conquered and now i pay a new tax. Why ?
Depending on what happens on the multiplayer map, the countries can be occupied by other countries. While under occupation, all citizens of the loosing country will pay a war tax to those who fought.
It's too complicated. Give me an example.
Let's take Portugal and Indonesia that have a 0-0 score one against the other. Let's say you are a spanish citizen and you just shot an Indonesian citizen that lost 3 points of energy. The score of Portugal vs Indonesia will increase 3 points. So Portugal will have 3 points against Indonesia. Now, a french citizen also hits an Indonesian citizen multiple times for a total of 20 energy. The score of France against Indonesia is 20 to 0. France just occupied Indonesia because it has the highest score against that country. Of course, things could change fast, and will be harder to predict once thousands of players from 20-30 countries are using the multiplayer map each day.
Stay tuned. We have many suprises for the months to come. Dont forget to use the contact us form for reporting any bug / performance issue. This is still a beta product.
GoldSmugglers team.